Con artist caught selling airline vouchers on Craigslist

The Daily Republic reported last week that a Northern California man was arrested after selling invalid vouchers for Southwest airline tickets at a steep discount. From the article:southwestplane

The scam was simple and at least nine people ignored the adage about something seeming too good to be true. Posted on Craigslist in November 2014 were listings touted $500 flight vouchers for $280. Buyers sent money via Moneygram and got the voucher numbers. But when they tried to book flights, they discovered the voucher numbers had been canceled after Southwest employees learned they had been purchased using stolen credit cards. Continue reading

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How to turn the tables on Craigslist scammers — and have fun doing it

Have you ever thought you found exactly what you were looking for on a classified ad site like Craigslist, only to realize that the seller was really a con artist? Did you have a burning desire to give them a taste of their own medicine? Well, if you have a sense of humor, you might want to follow in the footsteps of Travis Okulski… but do so at your own risk.

Okulski, a writer with the popular auto blog Jalopnik, recently emailed the seller of used Ferrari engine after seeing an ad for the engine on Porsche Panorama. Once he saw warning signs that the ad was fake, he decided to have some fun with the scammer. Here is part of the hilarious exchange: Continue reading

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“Training Materials” fool job seekers in Craigslist Scam

Employee training is an expected part of any entry level job. When you’re hired, you often have to read instructional guides, watch orientation videos and fill out worksheets. But if your new employer is asking you to pay for training, you’re probably being taken for a ride.

That’s what happened to several Georgia residents who responded to Craigslist job ads, according to the Valdosta Daily Times. From the article:

“In the most recent scam, an employment opportunity was posted offering jobs in the Valdosta area. When the local citizen responded to the ad, they were instructed to wire money for the purchase of training materials,” said Lt. Stryde Jones. “The citizen was then advised to meet the employer at a specific location. Of course, the employer never showed up, and the citizen has lost their money.” Continue reading

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Scam Detector: The iPhone App that alerts users to online scams

Scams on Craigslist have become so pervasive that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. The check overpayment trick, the rental property scam and the Ebay protection scam are only a few of the many techniques that Internet con artists are using to defraud people online. Fortunately, there’s an effective tool you can use to combat criminal activity and protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

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Posting a found dog ad on Craigslist? Follow these rules to avoid a scam

The Craigslist lost and found area is a prime target for scam artists to claim property that does not belong to them and sell it for profit. People who make mistakes when they post found dogs online have fueled these criminal enterprises by allowing these pets to go to the wrong homes.

In a recent incident reported by WTKR News, a woman was arrested after authorities discovered that the dog she was trying to sell did not belong to her. From the article: Continue reading

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Need a roommate? Beware of the Craigslist wire fraud

One of the most common scams used by con artists on Craigslist is the overpayment scam. This check fraud ripoff is commonly used against people who are selling goods online or looking for get-rich-quick jobs… but now, Craigslist users in search of roommates are being targeted. A recent incident reported by MI News 26 in Grand Traverse County, Michigan is just the latest example.

If you need a roommate, make sure you don’t get caught up in this scheme. Here’s how it usually works: Continue reading

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Lost dog scam cons Craigslist users

saddogImagine your beloved dog went missing from the back yard. You search the neighborhood for days, put up flyers, and post lost dog ads on Craigslist. After waiting a week with no leads, someone calls you and says he found your dog… but if you want their dog back, you should pay him — even though you never offered any reward.

Several Arizona dog owners were conned by this extortion scam recently, according to ABC 13 News. One victim told her story:

She had put fliers with photos of Red Dog up around her neighborhood. She had spent days combing the streets of the area looking for him. After putting up the fliers, she received a call from a man who claimed he had her dog, and had seen her ad on Craigslist. Then he called again and asked her for $500 for his return. “It’s horrific what he’s doing to us. It’s heart-wrenching enough that we’re out there, we’re searching for our dog, we desperately want our dogs back,” said Gonzales.
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