Don’t be a victim of these Craigslist XBox scammers

It’s well known that many electronics and department stores give discounts to employees who buy products at the store. But don’t let an opportunity to benefit from this discount cause you to make a mistake on Craigslist and get ripped off.

Police in Greenville, North Carolina recently reported to WCTI 12 News that two men who posed as Wal Mart employees on Craigslist scammed several people who wanted to buy an Xbox from them with their employee discount.

In each case, the con artists made a promise to buy the game console using their discount, but when the buyer gave them the money, they ran off. Continue reading

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Disneyland ticket scam strikes again on Craigslist

Your kids have been begging you all winter to take them to Disneyland… and now that you can finally afford it you go hunting for a deal on some tickets. But if that hunt takes you to Craigslist, you’re bound to get scammed. That’s what happened to one Mountain View, California family recdisneyland signently. NBC Bay Area has the story:

The parents bought four Park Hopper tickets to Disneyland for $500 on Craigslist, thinking it was a good deal for them and their two children, Jaeger said. Disney tickets are about $100 per adult for one day, and an extra $39 to bounce between the main park and Disney California Adventure Park. Continue reading

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Craigslist con artist uses fake job posting in check scam attempt

If you have read one of my previous posts, you’re aware that the check overpayment scam is popular with con artists on Craigslist who attempt to purchase items in the website’s “For Sale” section. Apparently, that ripoff strategy is starting to filter into the “Jobs” section of Craigslist as well.

Texas resident Veronica Ponder almost became the victim of such a scam when she came across a job posting for housecleaning. 12 News reports:

Ponder says the potential employer reeled her in with a false sense of security because they identified themselves as a member of a nearby church who was out of the country on a missions trip. Continue reading

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Red Flags Alert Craigslist seller to Certified Check Scam

It’s just another checkimageday on Craigslist for you, selling household goods that you don’t need. But today, a potential buyer offers to send you a certified check for one of the items you are selling. What should you do?

That’s a question Idaho resident Cheksea Whitney had to ask herself recently.  She described the potential buyer’s proposal to KBOI News:

“It was written kind of weird; they used a translator,” Whitney said. “The phonics didn’t seem quite right and the spelling was all over the place.” Continue reading

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What’s the safest place to make a Craigslist purchase or sale? Here’s the answer

One of the most daunting parts of using Craigslist to buy and sell merchandise is meeting to seal the deal. In many cases, you will be meeting with people you’ve never seen before, and you have no way of knowing if they are trustworthy.

This process occurs thousands of times each day, but there is always the chance that the other party has some tricks up their sleeve. They could be buying with counterfeit money, selling you a fake product, or just planning on robbing you. How do you avoid this nightmare scenario? Continue reading

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Ebay buyer protection on Craigslist? Don’t fall for that scam

Ebay and Craigebayslist are both great places to find used merchandise… but like oil and water, they don’t mix. Unfortunately, one Arkansas resident learned the hard way.

Little Rock’s THV 11 News reported that someone was scammed out of $3000 by a Craigslist seller who claimed to have “Ebay Buyer Protection”. While Ebay does have buyer protection available, that guarantee only applies to products purchased through If you buy something outside of Ebay, they won’t protect you — even if the product was listed for sale on Ebay.

So next time a seller tells you that Ebay is protecting your Craigslist purchase, realize that you’re about to get ripped off before it’s too late.

The MakeUseOf blog has a great breakdown of the most common Ebay scams to look out for, and if you’re looking for more solid advice on how to be successful on Craigslist, check out Craigslist Unlocked.


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Fake iPhones trick buyers on Craigslist… but you can avoid being ripped off next

Need a new cellphone? Craigslist is a great place to start if you want to pick one up at a reasonable price. But what do you do when scammers sell smartphones that appear to be the real thing, but don’t actually work?iphone

That’s what happened to iPhone 6 shoppers in Denver recently. ABC 7 News reports:

The phones turn on, even connect online, yet when it’s time to make a call the phone doesn’t work. Police said they are fakes made in China.

“It would be packed as an iPhone 6. When you open it, it would appear to have the icons and everything like that. The video camera would work,” said Morales.

These are more than just toy phones made to look real; they seemingly operate like legitimate smartphone. But despite the sophistication of the con, there is an easy way that you can avoid being the next victim when you look for a phone on Craigslist. Continue reading

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